Boho In The City

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Our modern city life dictates our sartorial picks and sometimes that limits our want to wear (and feel) something different than our regular attires. How do we then change the game in your favour? Easy—think Bohemian!

Bohemian style is one of the most fun and easy ways to liven up a mundane outfit.

Irrespective of whether you are a minimalist, a classic or a work-driven dresser, we all have felt the boho vibe from time to time. It adds a certain breeziness of thought in our ensemble’s temperament. And in all honesty many of us have secretly wished to adapt boho but are often threatened by the fear of being looked upon as a reckless hippie.

Here are few tips on how to incorporate boho in our everyday city dressing to break the

monochromatic monotony.

1. Think boho chic

Work for a chicer version of boho featuring garments that are more structured and outfits that are a mishmash aesthetic of focus (seriousness) and freedom. Dare to wear more luxe fabrics like velvet, satin and silk. Remember there is a fine line between Boho chic and an Urban Hippie! For our cosmopolitan lives the chicer rendition of Boho has more acceptability.

2. One trick boho

The trick to pull off boho’s finest in the city style way, is to not over-do it. Follow the rule of one-boho item only. For example, wear a floral short dress (the only boho item of the ensemble) and urbanize the rest with a pair of sleek heels and magazine makeup. Carry a structured bag along to further polish the look.