Confessions of a Swapaholic : 5 insider swapping tricks

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Swapping is a liberating way to fight for fashion freedom and has huge money-saving benefit. It brings communities together and makes shopping a social activity while closing the loop on textile waste. One of the best (and also most challenging) aspects about fashion swaps is the oh-so-many unique choices, which can simultaneously become quite over-whelming.

So how do you snag the right items for you?

1. Pick what your wardrobe is missing

With countless brands to pick from, so many items to be infatuated with, it is very easy to get tempted. Important thing is to stay focused and not get carried away. Select only what you need. You don’t want to end up with a cluttered closet after a swap. So don’t hoard in greed because you might regret and have to re-swap it, score sensibly.

2. Fast track with filters

Since every piece is unique, filters help you quickly get to your desired pieces. Filter according to size, style and even occasion will help you efficiently utilize your time and energy. Fill in a mental form of these basic pointers, follow it and find your need.

3. Know the treasure trunks

Most swap platforms have tagged bins which can help you strategize your swap hunt. Some of the common categories are Gently Loved, worn clothes but in very good condition. Mint Condition, clothes as good as new, some of them even have their tags intact and you can see what a steal you are getting. There’s even a DIY category where items that have tiny defects are awarded discounted points that you can alter or up-cycle. So unleash your creativity! Knowing these basic categories will help you sync what you want and where to find it without wasting time.

4. High fashion hangers

At Swapaholic’s swap you also find some high voltage fashion with curations from influencer closets, brand donations or capsules coined by stylists. And finally look out for the editors picks! These are pieces labeled ‘Swapalicious Finds’. Dive righ