Green Circle: Mad for prints with AfterJuly

Hi, share with us a little more about you!

Le: Hi! I am Le, the creative lead (and the brand owner) of afterjuly studio. I'm a fashion design graduate from NAFA.

How did afterjuly studio first begun? 

L: afterjuly studio started out in September 2018 fuelled by my passion for print and pattern design. As a trained creative, I've always found myself being really interested in textile design and in particular, print and pattern right from the very start while i in school. I thought it would be really nice if I could create a space for me to express and share my designs and inspiration (not just limiting to fashion) that people would like.

How is your brand sustainable today? L: To be honest, being a 100% sustainable brand is not an easy thing because there are many factors to consider. But we are definitely open to being more sustainable. For example, we make use of leftover fabric from our production and repurposing them into scrunchies, headbands, saving as much as we can. Recently, we have also been exploring the idea of using more sustainable fabrics, such as fabrics made from recycled and natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, rayon, etc.

What does afterjuly studio as a brand represents? L: To be able to inspire through our prints, we hope to add a little more meaning and story to the garments we wear everyday.

What are some little steps in your daily life you've take on to live more sustainably?