Green Circle: All about Bohème

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Hi, share with us a little more about you!

Veronique: Hi! I'm Vero, founder of Bohème, and I'm currently based in Singapore. I've travelled across the globe since an early age and had explored beautiful and amazing parts of the world within Asia and Europe. Bohème was heavily inspired by the memories of my travel wanderlust.

Tell us more about your beautiful collection. V: Each line shares its own story from the location it has been inspired by and allows you to personally experience and indulge in these travels. Each piece is gold-plated, hand-crafted in Jaipur and adorned with semi-precious stones. Each line is inspired, unique and bold but still easy to wear from day to night, from the office, the beach to the club. They are designed for the strong , independent women of any age who dare to be different.

Take us through the process of conceptualising a product and seeing it come to live. V: I'm always inspired through my travels. It could be by a monument , a piece of art, the beauty of nature ... the list is endless. When building on a concept, I will choose a destination I have visited and loved, sketch my designs and send to my long-term 3D specialist in India for a formalised product design before delivering them to my workshop.