Green Circle: Meet Alethia Toh

Updated: Apr 26

I'm working on clearing my wardrobe at flea markets and being part of the Swapaholic community! It helps to give my clothes a fresh new life and be more sustainable!— Alethia

Hi Alethia, Tell us more about yourself.

Alethia: Hi, I'm Alethia! In the day I'm a Digital and PR Manager at a cosmetics brand and at night I'm a fitness junkie! You can always find me at the gym, yoga studio or by the barre (BUT occasionally bar 😋)!

Describe your style in three words. A: Comfy, stylish, convenient

What is one poor habit you've swapped out from your life for something better? A: I often purchase a new dress for weddings or special events (guilty as charged!) But earlier this year, I've started the habit of renting dresses and I never felt better! Not only does it saves cost, it's environmental friendly as well!

Spill the beans! How do you always look so healthy and glowing? A: I love eating vegetables and salads so I guess that helps a lot plus I'm a huge skincare junkie as well! Working out at least 3-4 times a week helps with glowing from within as well in my opinion!

What are your top 3 self care rituals?