Green Circle: Meet Alethia Toh

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I'm working on clearing my wardrobe at flea markets and being part of the Swapaholic community! It helps to give my clothes a fresh new life and be more sustainable!— Alethia

Hi Alethia, Tell us more about yourself.

Alethia: Hi, I'm Alethia! In the day I'm a Digital and PR Manager at a cosmetics brand and at night I'm a fitness junkie! You can always find me at the gym, yoga studio or by the barre (BUT occasionally bar 😋)!

Describe your style in three words. A: Comfy, stylish, convenient

What is one poor habit you've swapped out from your life for something better? A: I often purchase a new dress for weddings or special events (guilty as charged!) But earlier this year, I've started the habit of renting dresses and I never felt better! Not only does it saves cost, it's environmental friendly as well!

Spill the beans! How do you always look so healthy and glowing? A: I love eating vegetables and salads so I guess that helps a lot plus I'm a huge skincare junkie as well! Working out at least 3-4 times a week helps with glowing from within as well in my opinion!

What are your top 3 self care rituals?

A: I always bring along my essential oil roll ons and apply them before a yoga session. I dare admit I have a slight obsession with essential oils! I also drip them into my diffuser every night before I sleep and sometimes in the day when I'm doing my makeup. The scents just perks me up! I love to pamper myself with monthly manicure sessions too!

What are some little steps in your daily life you've implemented to live more sustainably?

A: I'm working extremely hard at trying not to cab around so much and take the public transport. I admit, this is my baddest habit, haha! With the convenience of Grab at our finger tips, a lot of us tend to cab around often. Taking the public transport helps with the environment and most importantly, helps in being friendly to our pockets too!

I'm also working on clearing my wardrobe at flea markets and joining the Swapaholic community! It helps in giving my clothes a fresh new life and be more sustainable as well!

Keep a lookout for Alethia Toh's Swapalicious outfits online!

Nobody's a stranger here, follow Alethia on Instagram @alethiatoh

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