Green Circle: The Good In Fashion

Updated: Apr 26

We believe small steps lead to great change. You don’t have to be perfect or undergo a radical transformation to be considered “sustainable”, so don’t be too harsh on yourself. After all, activism is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. — The Good In Fashion

Last January, we hosted an intimate influencer swap party and invited the team from The Good In Fashion to lead a Sustainable Trivia segment for our guests. We had a ball of fun swapping sustainable fun facts and exchanging wardrobe styles. Check out quick highlights from Wake Up And Swap party here!

So who's exactly the team behind The Good In Fashion and what is their campaign mission to Redefine Fashion Goals?

Read along, as they spill the tea on what it takes to build a pool of trusty resource for sustainable fashion goers!

Hi, tell us more about The Good In Fashion and introduce the team members!

TEAM TGIF: The Good In Fashion was born out of our love for fashion and the environment. We're a group of final-year NTU WKWSCI students who've started a non-profit environmental campaign that aims to spread awareness on the negative impacts of fast fashion as well as how Singaporeans can prolong the lifespan of clothes by buying better (buying second-hand and swapping) and discarding better (donating and reselling). 

Our team consists of the 4 of us: Belle, Chao Jing, Elizabeth and Li Xuan. 

Belle and Chao Jing are the people persons of the team. Spearheading partner outreach and media relations, they are often seen reaching out to new partners, seeking new opportunities and finding