It's Not You, It's Me. Time To Break Up With Your Clothes.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Is your closet full of beautiful pieces that were once loved but are now a forgotten, idle occupant of your closet space?

Think of the beautiful shoes that gave you blisters with every wear or that extremely fancy dress you could have worn to MET GALA? (side note: it will be out of fashion if/when you were ever invited)

What if you could replace all of those lovely but unloved clothes with some beautiful new pieces that you’ll actually wear? We're here to help you exchange these exes with new flames. It can sometimes feel cruel and seemingly impossible, but be strong-hearted and adopt a ‘if you love ‘em let ‘em go’ policy.

Follow these easy guides to identify pieces with which it’s time to cut ties off.

1) Twinsies: Items that look the same to the outside world. Swap items in your closet that are in the same style or print.