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Lessons from the global pandemic

Updated: Apr 26

We had so much fun curating three casual sessions, in collaboration with Women In Asia!

#StayHomeAndSwap is a three-part conversation series during the Circuit Breaker with local thought leaders in Singapore as they discussed relevant topics and swap tips on navigating through the new normal.

Here's a quick recap on key takeaways!

#1 Swap Negative Thoughts Amid Covid-19

What is the new normal after Covid-19? We are now reinventing our lives to adjust to a new way of living that is here to stay.

How do we keep up with news without sinking into negative thoughts? How do we coexist with the virus and its uncertainty? How do we keep up with mental wellness in this volatile state for the long-haul?

In this discussion, we learned from experts in mindfulness and recognizing human potential, to identify our emotional blindspots that are triggering negative thoughts in volatile times.


Anthea Ong - Social Entrepreneur

Margie Warrell - Life Coach & Author


Munah Bagharib - Actor & Host