Trend Spot: Neon

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

In a society where everything - lattes, housing and education is becoming more expensive, how is clothing becoming less expensive?


Starting off, we’re taking inspiration from the era of ‘80s disco/workout fashion when neon was a head to toe commitment. Having on a single colour can be tricky for fear of looking one-dimensional, especially so when it’s in such bright hues.

You want to wear neon and not have it wearing you so a flattering silhouette, overlapping textures and complementary accessories are elements you can play around with to add dimension to your outfit. Proper styling transforms an almost-costume into at its peak, a day-to-night appropriate get-up - consider how different an outfit will look with just a change of shoes!


To integrate neon into your closet, let it first take on the role of an accent. We’re talking neon laces, neon ankle-highs, neon bum bags, neon shades.. you get the drift. Peep your local charity shops as they’re often homes to halloween costumes and t