Women in Asia & Swapaholic came together to converse with thought-leaders as they swapped tips on navigating the new normal. 


  • Swap Out Unproductive WFH Patterns

    MAY 29 2020  FRIDAY  I  12:30PM - 1:15PM


    As soon as the Circuit Breaker was announced, most of us scrambled to make our homes conducive to work in! 8/10 Singaporeans now say they prefer to work from home according to the recent conducted Singapore Workforce Survey. 


    What is the future of work going to be?  How can we make our work space conducive and productive while striking the balance for our families’ needs?


    Join us to learn from the most productive thought-leaders on how to make working from home viable and here to stay!


    In this conversation, we will explore a deeper understanding of the future of work and how to be highly productive while working from home. Our panel of experts will provide resourceful tips to design a creative workspace for yourself!


    • Resourceful tips to strike a balance between work, family and personal time all under one roof

    • Understand the importance of workplace pride, even when working from home.

    • Reimagine possibilities and creative workspaces at home, finding your virtual escape

    • Learning how companies are being agile with the nature of work changing rapidly


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Screenshot 2020-05-22 at 3.21.53 PM.png

Yvon Bock | Founder and CEO of Hegen

Yvon Bock is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hegen, Singapore’s leading homegrown mother and baby care brand. Being a mother to four kids and running a company is no mean feat. Yvon will share her master plan to strike the perfect work-life balance while working from home.


Saniya - Twitter.png

Saniya Gupta | Client Account Manager of Twitter

Saniya works at Twitter as Client Account Manager on the Regional Strategic Accounts team, operating across major global brands on their advertising strategy. What does it mean for corporate companies when business worldwide gets disrupted? Saniya will shed some light on overcoming WFH challenges and new approaches to manage a global team’s productivity. Also, to answer the golden question on our minds -- Will WFH be the new normal?


Michael Magura | Head of Ecosystem Marketing of Nutanix

The conversation will be moderated by Michael Magura of Nutanix. Michael will share the latest features from Nutanix to unlock  your virtual escape.

  • Swap Negative Thoughts - Embracing the new normal

    MAY 15 2020  FRIDAY  I  14:00 PM - 14:45 PM


    The questions on all our minds - When will all this end? What will our new normal after Covid-19 be? 


    While we don't have those answers, our Singapore based thought-leaders share one common belief that will help us navigate uncertainty with comfort and security:

    Human beings have the potential of uplifting any situation through acceptance and being positive!


    In this discussion, we’re learning by example how to overhaul negativity and swap it with positivity, thereby shaping resilience within ourselves, loved ones, communities and the world at large. 


    • Inspiration on how to navigate the new normal brought about by COVID-19.

    • Tangible solutions navigate  your emotions in times of uncertainty and fear

    • The power of collective positivity 



Munah Bagharib

The actor, host and self-proclaimed wizard is a dose of sunshine that everyone needs. Munah’s comedic effect not only brings joy to faces but also thought-provoking life lessons. Munah is a true leader of positive change and she uses her voice and talent to deliver messages relevant to the current day.

Anthea Ong.jpg


Anthea Ong

Full-time social entrepreneur and advocate (founder of social organisations including Hush TeaBar and A Good Space), Anthea wears many hats in life. Aside from her day job, Anthea is also a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) using her voice to speak on issues of social inclusion, mental health and climate change. 


Margie Warrell

A master life coach and best-selling author of You've Got This!, Find Your Courage, Stop Playing Safe, just to name a few. Margie had boldly shared about her recent personal experience with her husband contracting COVID-19 and how she remained resilient in the face of adversity.

  • Swap Out Unkind Food Habits

    MAY 22 2020  FRIDAY  I  11:30AM - 12:10PM


    Has COVID-19 got you thinking about food a whole lot more? We sure have been! How should our food habits change to build immunity and reduce waste? How will the food industry react to ensure food safety and security?


    Join us to learn how to boost our immunities, waste less and learn more about food safety and security!


    In this conversation, our celeb chef will demonstrate a simple healthy recipe  that caters to the entire household as an immunity boosting elixir for improved gut health. While we’re at it, we’re not missing out on creative ways to minimise food waste in the kitchen. Get your apron and chef hats ready for this one!


    What’s more, our food industry expert will take us through an e-tour of a vertical farm and talk us through the future of food safety and security in times of a global pandemic.


    • A deeper understanding of how food directly impacts our immunity

    • Resourceful tips to reduce food waste, creative food recipes

    • The importance of food safety and security in times of a global pandemic - Singapore/India/Asia

Sarah Benjamin Profile Pic 2018 with bac


Sarah Benjamin Huang | Food Expert & TV Presenter

Sarah is food-obsessed, and we love it. The Singapore-based celeb chef, food expert and TV presenter will bring us a light-hearted immunity boosting recipe demo session and food waste hacks that even Gordon Ramsay would be proud of.

Ankesh Shahra.png


Ankesh Shahra | Founder of Agrimax Ventures & CEO of VertiVegies

Descending from a lineage of experts in agriculture, Ankesh will share insights on how COVID-19 has disrupted food safety and security. He will dive deeper into the Asian landscape as well as how the industry will meet our food demands. Most excitingly, Ankesh will give us a glimpse into his vertical farm and cutting edge sustainable practices in the Agri-Tech businesses that are here to stay.


Vivian Lim | Co-founder of Women In Asia

Vivian is a community builder and TEDx curator. She is the co-founder of Women In Asia, an online community which helps to amplify perspectives from Asia, and help bridge cultural and gender differences. She brings diverse people together, share conversations and build authentic connections. 


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