HOW TO: Free Up Wardrobe Space And Repurpose Your Old And Damaged Clothes

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

If we were to categorize our closet items into current crush (KEEP), used to love (STORE) and we over it (TOSS), you will notice that majority belongs to the second category. Things we used to love and endlessly STORE are things that we either wore too much or loved the concept of but never got around to wearing!

So how to give your preloved clothes a new lease of life? Old clothing still has value and purpose and trashing them should be last resort. There are plenty of things you can do with items that you hoard even just beyond swapping them. Let’s look at the options.

A. Up-cycle

Up-cycling implies re-shaping, re-stitching, revamping the garment. There are a million ways to up-cycle depending on the clothes and your creativity. Scissoring your husband’s shirt to make dresses for your little daughter, converting an abandoned pair of jeans into a denim shorts are some simple examples. Refer YouTube for numerous other interesting DIY tutorials on up-cycling. Here’s shared some uber cool ways of up-cycling.

Source: Agy Textile Artist

Embroidery: Embroidery is the chicest way to uplift an old outfit’s image and add something new. If you are dexterous in the art then do a herringbone or chain stitch on one of sleeves of a shirt. Not only will it look great but it will also be so cool to wear a customized outfit that you embroidered yourself. For the others, you just have to find a tailor for assistance.

Trims: Trims like laces, ribbons, sequins, ready- made patches etc, are some creative ways to refresh an old outfit or a forgotten pair of shoes. For example, lengthen out an abandoned short dress from college times by adding laces and give it relevancy in your adult life. Or, hot glue satin ribbons on your old black pumps and re-ignite your interest in it.